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Meet Kath

Kath MacLeod is an Energy Intuitive and Guide with a deep understanding of the laws of attraction and vibrational mastery. She offers a transformative healing experience through various services including Energy Readings, Reiki Healing, Art-Therapy, Herbalist Consultations, and Mallison Method Calibrations. Kath's approach is rooted in her belief that true healing comes from within, and she works with clients to help them tap into their own power and potential. She is based on Cape Breton Island, Canada, and all services are offered online via Zoom.


Kath offers a diverse range of services to help you achieve optimal wellness and balance. Her passions include:

Mallison Method


Reiki Healing

Energy Readings & 

Channelled Messages

Herbalist Consultations


Emotional Tuning & Versioning

What Others are Saying

Doing a calibration with Kath has been incredibly helpful and insightful to many parts of my life. Not only did she help with something that I was going through, but the messages that came up in our session will continue to integrate in my life in many ways. Our session reminded me of my steadiness and strength, and that I always have the choice to tune into that, and when I choose myself - the clarity of whatever I’m going through will always come. I HIGHLY recommend working with Kath, as she so beautifully and gently holds space for all walks of life and any emotion. Her comfortability with emotion made me so comfortable to open up and to feel safe to look at and move through my own emotion.

- Ashley Woolfenden


"The healer you have been looking for is your own energy. You are here to heal yourself. All you need is the guidance and support to tap into your own power and potential."


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